On-demand product marketing and sales enablement for B2B tech firms


On-demand product marketing and sales enablement for B2B tech firms


Your value proposition, brand and category


Your offerings with value-based messaging


Your products with proven strategies, tools & techniques

We’re your one-stop shop for B2B tech product marketing and sales enablement. We create strategy, content and programs that are proven to propel growth of SaaS and software products sold to Citibank, Disney, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente and other market leaders. And we do it by starting with the end in mind—your timeline, your objectives, your evolution.


Advance with product marketing and sales enablement on demand.

Product marketing is mission-critical, but it’s often a challenge for companies to get it just right. It requires the know-how to create and transmit a value-based message that is tightly aligned with the unique needs and context of your customers.

Once you have that message, you then have to equip your sales team with the tools and resources they need to close deals. Sales enablement brings together hands-on sales techniques and product marketing strategy to grow your business.

We can help, whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 company or a high-growth startup. The West97 Marketing team turns your objectives into tangible results, quickly.

Deep analysis. Creative solutions.
Full-service execution.


Evolve your strategy, your tools and your approach.

Whether you want to start with a strategic project, build out your organization’s marketing function or simply need a quick solution to close a gap in your marketing content, you can flex West97’s capability and expertise as your marketing needs evolve.

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We offer a full range of solutions for
enterprises and high-growth startups:

Product Marketing

User Adoption & Retention

Sales Enablement

Strategy & Operations

Unlock Your Potential

The ROI of product marketing.

Deliverables that drive results.

Proven strategies for leaders and innovators.

Just the skills and resources you need.

High-impact projects and collaborations. 


Extend your team with West97 Marketing.

We build on extensive experience working with industry-leading B2B SaaS and enterprise software companies to plan and execute your most important marketing and sales initiatives. West97 and its premier partners—from graphic design and marketing communications to brand strategy, technical writers, video production and more—operate as a full-service team on demand. We pull in just the resources you need, when you need them. And we handle all of the details—from contracts to payments and more—so you can focus on your business. You get a single price and project lead, regardless of how many specialists are involved. No hassle, all results.

Adam Aftergut


Adam directs product marketing and sales enablement projects for industry-leading B2B SaaS enterprises and startups that market and sell their products to Citibank, Disney, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente and many other market leaders. Adam’s unique approach brings together value-based messaging and consultative sales methodologies with high-impact, enterprise-class deliverables tailored to each client’s needs, goals and strategic context.


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